Digital Learning in Bioprocessing: What’s Next?

Webinar / 31.05.2021

Discover how Pall Corporation, Biotech Training Facility, and OUAT! are discovering solutions that facilitate operator readiness, and elevate the training experiences of the men and women of the biopharmaceutical industry.

You can directly access the webinar above or read a short summary below first.

The biotech industry continues to evolve. The rise of single-use facilities, process intensification, and integrated unit operations are improving facility efficiency and flexibility, while simultaneously reducing footprint and processing times. As such, optimal facility lay out and process flow, together with the selection of the appropriate equipment and proper operator training, become of upmost importance.

Much like the aerospace industry where flight simulators are a major part of a pilot's learning path, digital technologies have made their way to bioprocessing. Digital twin and virtual reality technologies are reinventing operators' learning experience, by bringing in a visual and engaging interface that simplifies access to the right information, at the right time and in the right format. This learner-centric approach is key, especially during the current pandemic context, to achieve a robust production where operators learn, become more efficient and reach their production readiness faster.

Here are the three main topics of discussion for this webinar:

  • How Pall Digital Training Platforms Can Enhance Operator Efficiency
  • Shifting to Digital Learning in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training
  • How Digital Technologies Facilitated the Deployment of the Covid–19 Vaccine