Humanizing the 4th industrial revolution with digital twins

Visually create and exploit your facility digital twin. Simplify access to real-time information. Augment your team's experiences.

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Discover HakoBio

An intuitive visual experience for every step of your facility lifecycle.

With HakoBio, easily create your facility digital twin and reap the benefits from concept to operations:
Accelerate your design

Speed up the decision making process and avoid construction errors by visually planning your layout and simulating footprint, configurations, transfer sets and process flows.

Augment your operators

Reduce operator errors with customized virtual reality learning experiences and empower them with real-time mixed reality know-how before and during entry to production areas.

Connect your factory

Simplify access to factory information and contextualize real-time data by centralizing documentation and connecting your factory through a visual digital twin platform.

Why HakoBio?

Operational exellence with open arms

Simplicity is king! Create your facility digital twin with a simple drag and drop motion of rooms, utiliities and more than 600 pieces of equipment. Once created, immerse yourself in your space with virtual and mixed reality.

Don't stop at the planning phase! Make use of the open platform to connect add-ons and third-party tools and leverage digital experiences for simulation, learning experiences, operational support and facility management.

By bringing an intuitive, visual experience across the entire facility lifecycle, we put the human first in human-machine-data interactions and make information more accessible, ensuring comfort and serenity to your projects and teams, allowing them to anticipate risks and errors throughout their activities.

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        We are OUAT!

        Our mission is to facilitate the digital transformation of the life sciences industry. By putting forward our creative team of bioenginneers, designers and developers, we adapt HakoBio to your business objectives, end-user needs and deliver a turnkey solution, ready for you to start creating and exploiting your facility digital twin. In total simplicity.