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Accelerate Training with Immersive Realities

Enhance operator performance with virtual reality learning, and empower operators with on-the-job assistance via mixed reality guidance

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Standardize and Scale Training

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Accelerate Operator Readiness

Use digital learning experiences to accelerate operators’ entry into clean rooms and production areas

Augment Your Operators

Boost operational efficiency by providing real-time instructions to your operators using mixed reality

Build Adaptive Training Scenarios

Easily create and modify training scenarios to suit your workforce’s level of expertise, using scalable solutions with a high return on investment

Drag, Drop, Done

Easily create and adapt both virtual and mixed reality training modules with our user-friendly, no-code authoring tool. Simply drag and drop the equipment you want to use and define the actions you want the trainees to take. Enhance your modules by incorporating relevant videos and other multimedia elements into each step of the training scenario.

Personalized Learning Paths

The biopharmaceutical industry's high turnover results in diverse levels of previous experience among operators. HakoBio’s immersive learning experiences are fully customizable, enabling you to autonomously create tailor-made scenarios that suit the needs of your workplace.

Learning by Doing

Monitor your trainees' progress, evaluate their actions, and identify areas of improvement, so that you can customize learning modules that precisely suit their needs. Training completion certificates are securely stored on HakoBio for easy record-keeping.

No Signal, No Problem

Poor connection shouldn’t halter your training schedule. With HakoBio, your workforce can perform training scenarios anywhere at any time. This promises a highly scalable and efficient alternative to traditional training methods.

Better Together

Guide your trainees through the training modules for introductory sessions or assess their actions in real time. With the multiviewer mode, you can enter a module together to explore and exchange knowledge at the same time.

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